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NCC holds webinar on digital media content

TDT | Manama

The National Communication Centre (NCC) held a webinar yesterday on writing digital media content. NCC digital content administrator Mohammed Bucheeri moderated the forum, in which members of the government communication network participated.

The forum reviewed a set of principles for formulating digital media content, namely understanding social media networks, and defining the visual identity and its elements, in addition to best practices in writing media content. Network members commended the efforts of the NCC to organise forums that contribute to developing government media work and strengthen communication among all official bodies.

They stressed the importance of identifying methods of formulating digital media content in light of the developments in the use and methods of dealing with new media and technology in social media and e-platforms.

The webinar is one in a series of seminars and workshops launched by the NCC since June, in line with its strategic objectives of unifying government media discourse, and strengthening the communication system in an effective and sustainable manner.

The forums and workshops are also part of the NCC’s endeavours to enhance professional development and build the capacities of communication and media work teams at all government institutions.