A hymn to humanity

TDT | Manama

International recording artist, executive producer, and composer Veronica Vitale recently released a version of her original song “Hymn to Humanity” that brought together 250 voices from every nation in the world, including Bahrain.

Entitled the “Worldwide Choir Special Edition”, the project was created as a response to coronavirus (COVID-19) isolation and quarantine, and participants sing in different languages with various music genres. Representing the Kingdom was Bahraini Mahmood Al Haiki.

“I am so proud of being able to participate in this project and to represent Bahrain,” he told TDT. Also known as “The Warrior of the Light”, Veronica is renowned for her unique style which experiments between pop and electronic music, giving rise to her ground-breaking and unique “Liquid” sound, which has been described as “genre-defying”.

Veronica labels herself as a global citizen, a lover and observer of languages, and an avid traveller. A native of Boscoreale in Italy, she moved to Germany in 2010 to release her debut album “Nel mio bosco Reale”, meaning “Throughout my Royal Grove”.

She later moved to the US, where she currently resides and records her music. In an exclusive interview with TDT, Veronica talks about the Worldwide Choir Special Edition of “Hymn to Humanity”, and her life as a recording artist.

Where did the idea to create “Hymn to Humanity” come from, and who/what inspired you?

The world, as we know it, is changing. I think in this period of time in history, for the first time, no matter how strong of a believer you are, God needs to feel that our faith for Him is strong. And that’s how I created my prayer. That’s the way I felt.

How long did it take you to reach out to all the artists who contributed to “Hymn to Humanity”?

I’ve never done a call for artists before, but it took me two days to contact everyone. We had 750 submissions and 250 voices performing in the choir, in their own languages. The project is built on the idea of “together at home”, and we got it done in seven days. We really pulled off a miracle!

How did you manage to create this piece of art during isolation and quarantine?

Yes, it was very difficult to do everything far away from our studio in Los Angeles, California. But my team is made of 88 keys—my piano. My team is always with me. I believe that you don’t need a whole crew to get the work done. When there is a will, there is a way!

Childhood favourite artists/inspirations? What was it about them that you liked so much?

Avril Lavine, Nickelback, Metallica and Freddie Mercury are some of my favourites. Because we have the same attitude towards music and towards art. I would never like to lip sync my songs and, like my inspirations, I believe that a performance should be something real. An explosion of energy, a vortex that you can’t stop or fake. You cannot fake music!

What keeps you motivated to keep discovering unique art?

I studied system theory and system science and I know how to move around it. That’s how I created my unique liquid music genre. I needed a wider space to express my ideas. When I look back at my career, I realise that despite the people who criticised, stopped or ignored me, the pain I went through and the sacrifices I made led me to success. My father as well, has been a support throughout.

What would you title the current chapter of your life?

I would call this “the dream chapter”. Because after a long path, a long journey of pain and rebirth, I am now at this stage in life where I can be exactly what I wanted to be when I was 11 years old. I used to look at myself into the mirror and see through the eyes of that little girl, the woman I am today. And I am happy because now I can make those dreams possible.