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Abusive spouse: Court grants divorce to woman

The Supreme Sharia Court of Appeal has granted a divorce to a woman who was allegedly assaulted by her husband in front of the court building. The husband, court files say an alcohol addict, was earlier sentenced to a three-year jail term on similar charges. The man was accused of assaulting his wife at a public place, stealing money from her and damaging her car. The couple has four children, three daughters, and a son.

Applying for a divorce, the woman’s attorney, Ebtissam Al Sabbagh, told the court that the victim’s husband habitually abuses her and has attacked her even in front of the court. The lawyer told the court that the man forcefully took her mobile phone before pulling her hair and knocking her down to the floor. Quoting eyewitness account, the lawyer said the man also verbally insulted the woman. 

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