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Don’t forget to stay safe

Official permits and strict adherence to safety standards are a must for setting up a tent during the Holy Month of Ramadan, warned the General Directorate of Civil Defence. Tents, a top General Directorate of Civil Defence official said, have significant fire risks, if not proper public safety and fire requirements measures are taken. Advisories are being distributed by the directorate at tents during Ramadan evenings to ensure the safety of the people.

“The advisory, which spells out the ‘Dos and Don’ts’, has been sent out in the interest of public safety,” said Director of the Department of Administrative Affairs of the General Directorate of Civil Defence Colonel Talal Abdullah Al-Ghanim. 

The risk involved is huge, AlGhanim said, “as tents across the country will experience an influx of people after the evening prayers where they will meet friends and exchange conversations enhancing the bonds of unity and national cohesion.” “Recognising the importance, we have carried out awareness campaigns,” he said adding: “Civil Defence personnel are conducting inspection visits to ensure compliance with the safety requirements.” “They will guide them to apply the best standards and procedures and safety and security rules,” he said.

An awareness team has been formed by the Public Relations Office of the Department of Administrative Affairs to carry out inspection visits and inform people on safety measures. Fire extinguishers “Tents generally poses huge fire risks because the materials they are made of are highly inflammable, so we attach great importance to preventive measures,” he said. When asked about the common risks, he said, “Risks that arise are mainly due to faulty electrical connections or because of smoking.”

As a precautionary measure, fire extinguishers are distributed as encouragement gifts, along with posters and brochures detailing the dos and don’ts. Col. Al Ghanim said that there are several steps that need to be taken before setting up a tent . Permits, a must “An official permit from the competent authorities is a must before setting up the tent,” Al Ghanim said.

Tents, he said, should have an appropriate location, and should be at a safe distance from the main power stations, “leaving an adequate distance of no less than three meters between the tent and the building to limit the spread of a fire if it takes place”.