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NBT call centre responds to over 1,000 VAT queries

The Call Centre has successfully responded to over 1,000 VAT related queries per day through its hotline (8008001) and by email (vat@mof.gov.bh) since the induction of the VAT on January 1, 2019. The National Bureau for Taxation (NBT) noted that the sudden influx of queries reflects consumers and investors’ eagerness to expand their VAT procedural and legal framework knowledge. As a result, the NBT will increase the total number of people employed in the Call Centre to advance its customer service standards and to equip the centre with the resources it needs to manage sudden influxes.

The NBT reiterated that all its communication channels are open to further queries related to the VAT procedural or legal framework. Citizens can contact the Call Centre on 80008001 or vat@mof.gov.bh in addition to taking advantage of the information available on NBT’s website (www.nbt.gov.bh), Instagram and Twitter (@NetworkNBT).

Meanwhile, Consumers in the Kingdom have been urged to ensure that they don’t overpay for goods and services to businesses who may take advantage of the current confusion in the market and charge extra bucks for goods and services. Taking advantage of the existing confusion in the market, certain businesses may swindle the customers by charging extra and many customers are worried over being cheated in the name of VAT.