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Ramadan a chance to regain health for diabetes patients

Manama : Ramadan is a good opportunity for diabetics to ease their symptoms by using this holy month to maintain low levels of blood glucose, said Iman Al Ansari, diabetes clinic specialist at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC).

This month is a way to get a healthy lifestyle and to achieve physical, psychological, spiritual and social gains in this month by going to spiritual worship, changing eating habits, keeping away from fatty meals, reducing fat intake, sweets, juices and others.

Ms Al Ansari said that the monthof Ramadan provides the diabetic patient with an appropriate opportunity to control blood glucose levels, as well as to reduce weight,which should be exploited during this holy month. As our holy Prophet said, “fast, you will enjoy a better health,” which is a clear call to good health by fasting, abstaining from eating too much, and eating something that is good for health.

Al Ansari called on the diabetes not to sit for long hours watchingT.V as sitting for long periods, and not to engage in any type of “dynamic” activity or “sports” is a cause of “obesity” and high rates of dynamic sugar; because lack of any dynamic effort or sports, the body loses any ability to burn accumulated fat and detoxification.

Fasting is not a health burden, but not exercising is a risk and a health burden. Al-Ansari explained that during the fasting period, which is from the period from sun rise to sunset, the body depends in the first hourson the glucose absorbed in the ‘Suhour’ meal; to get its energy, then the body begins to use the stock of glucose in the liver called the “glycogen’ for a number of hours until it finishes, then the body starts to burn the body fat stored in it, and this is the basic step that results in the health benefits of fasting, where the fat and excess weight is gradually eliminated. This reflects a positive improvement in the level of glucose, fat and cholesterol. It also reduces accumulation of fat in the blood vessels, making an easy movement of blood circulation.