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Türkiye ambassador affirms Gulf tourism continues unfazed amid recent incidents

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The Ambassador of Türkiye to Bahrain, Esen Çakıl, has assured that her country remains eager to welcome visitors from the Gulf region with traditional Turkish hospitality.

Referring to the recent incident involving a knife-wielding Turkish man, Ambassador Çakıl emphasized that such incidents can occur anywhere and do not reflect the broader Gulf-Turkey tourism relationship.

"The tourism sector is one of the essential pillars of the relationship between the Gulf states and Türkiye," said Ambassador Çakıl. "We are delighted that Türkiye is a top destination for our brothers and sisters from the Gulf, with thousands of Gulf nationals even purchasing real estate and becoming our neighbors."

Last year, Türkiye welcomed over 1.5 million visitors from the Gulf, a figure the ambassador expects to rise.

Türkiye's traditional hospitality, combined with its natural and cultural attractions and advanced tourism infrastructure, has established the country as a leading global tourism hub, attracting 57 million visitors worldwide in 2023.

Addressing the recent events circulated on social media, Ambassador Çakıl reiterated that isolated incidents within broad human interactions do not justify generalizations, which she deemed incorrect and malicious.

She stressed that the Gulf nations have not been swayed by such allegations, as evidenced by the continued influx of Gulf tourists to Türkiye.

Looking ahead, the ambassador mentioned the recent visa exemptions extended unilaterally by Türkiye to citizens of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Oman, in addition to the Gulf countries previously exempt from visas.

This, she said, further demonstrates Türkiye's intention to ensure a seamless and welcoming experience for all its guests from the Gulf region.

"We have proven, once again, that our hearts and doors are always open to our brothers from the Gulf countries, including Bahrain," concluded Ambassador Çakıl.

"We will continue to welcome all our guests to Türkiye through our ancient traditions and hospitality."