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Upgrade universities’ programmes for labour market needs: MP Al Sayed

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MP Jaleela Al Sayed emphasised the urgent need for national universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain to prioritise updating and developing their programmes to meet the evolving demands of the labour market.

This, she stressed, will ensure that graduating students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure employment and contribute to the nation’s development.

While extending her congratulations to students and educators for a successful academic year, MP Al Sayed commended the dedication of the Ministry of Education and its staff, as well as the leadership of the Minister, His Excellency Dr. Mohamed bin Mubarak Juma, for their efforts in supporting the educational process and achieving positive outcomes for students.

She highlighted the crucial role universities play in preparing graduates for the workforce and the need for them to adapt to the changing needs of the economy.

MP Al Sayed urged universities to collaborate with industry leaders and stakeholders to identify emerging trends and adapt their curriculum accordingly.

This, she believes, will bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application, preparing students for the realities of the modern workforce.