Shura Council passes State Budget bill
, Posted on 17-Jul-2017

Shura Council passes State Budget bill

ManamaShura Council members yesterday passed the draft-law, attached to Decree 36/2017, on the general state budget for the two fiscal years 2017 and 2018.

The majority of council members voted for a report issued by the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee.

In consistence with the decision of the House of Representatives, the report included 9 matters agreed upon between the Legislative Authority and the Government.

This includes pumping BD20 million into the State Treasury by Mumtalakat Holding Company, increasing pensioners’ bonuses to BD250 million, increasing the living cost allowances to BD233 million, increasing the social security amount to BD40.4 million, increasing the social fund to BD36.8 million, increasing the rent allowance to BD114 million.

It also includes increasing the amount allocated to the House of Representatives and Shura Council to BD21 million and BD19.1 million, respectively, in addition to reducing financial support to Gulf Air to BD60 million.

The council’s decision came a week after a similar decision was taken by the House of Representatives to pass the draft-law. 

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