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Summer 2023 was the hottest in 2,000 years: study

AFP |  Paris, France  

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Last year’s northern hemisphere summer was the hottest in 2,000 years, according to a new study published yesterday.

Scientists say 2023 was the hottest year globally since records began in 1850, but the study in the journal Nature indicates human-caused climate change pushed northern summer highs well beyond anything seen in two millennia.

“We shouldn’t be surprised,” the study’s lead author Jan Esper told AFP. “For me it’s just the continuation of what we started by releasing greenhouse gases” that cause global warming, said Esper, a professor of climatology at Germany’s Johannes Gutenberg University.

The conservative estimate found that 2023 was at least 0.5 degrees Celsius hotter than the warmest northern hemisphere summer of that period in AD246. Otherwise, it was 1.19 degrees warmer.