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'Boredom' drives husband to murder wife, three kids in Turkey

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A murder in Turkey has sparked anger among human rights organisations, particularly those defending women, following the murder of a woman and her three children by her husband, who then later attempted suicide.

According to local media, a young Turkish man named Ozgur Nayman killed his wife Sevillay and his three children inside their apartment on Yuksabashi Street in Beyoglu Haci Ahmed, Istanbul.

He shot his wife and children. Neighbours informed the police after hearing the sound of the gun.

Although the medical teams tried to save the victims, they all died.

The husband later tried to commit suicide with the same gun but failed, and he is currently receiving treatment in the intensive care room of a hospital in Istanbul.

The motive behind the man's drastic actions has not been disclosed, but media reports suggest disagreements between him and his wife.

The perpetrator had indicated in a tweet on the “X” platform (formerly Twitter) shortly before he committed the crime that he was suffering from emotional disappointments.

He also said in his tweet that he would experience real death for the first and only time in his life, adding, “I am very bored with everything, and it seems meaningless now.” I will die eventually. Either today or tomorrow. Since I love my wife and children very much, I want to save them from this false world. “I will disturb my loved ones and those who love me for the last time.”