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Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah operate terrorist camps in Lebanon and Iraq

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The Daily Tribune –

The Bahraini security services, Foreign Ministry said, had succeeded in breaking espionage and terrorist cells, groups and networks linked to Iran, arresting terrorists who have received training in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah terrorist camps in Lebanon and Iraq.

Bahraini forces also discovered warehouses of weapons and explosives, and busted operations to smuggle weapons, ammunition and highly explosive devices.

The security services thwarted criminal plans to sabotage, kill and terrorize innocent people and attempt to overthrow and change the state political system through the use of force, disrupt the law, target economic and vital installations and recruit and train terrorists.

“All these crimes are well-documented and legal measures have been taken in their regard,” the ministry said.

Targets oil facilities

Iran’s threats also included terrorist attacks on oil installations and targeting civilians and holy religious sites in Saudi Arabia, violations of the UN Security Council resolutions regarding the arms embargo on the Houthi militia, undermining of regional safety and threatening energy security, shipping routes and global trade in the Arab region and the world.

UN exposes Iranian acts

A United Nations Secretary-General report on June 30 held Iran directly responsible for terrorist acts that targeted two Saudi Aramco factories and Abha International Airport last year.

Successive Arab summits have declared their support of the measures taken by Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to protect their security and condemned the aggressive Iranian attempts against security and spread sectarian strife.

The Arab Quartet Ministerial Committee to follow up on the developments of the crisis with Iran on the sidelines of the Arab Ministerial Meeting in Cairo last year had also confirmed the report while condemning Iran’s terrorist activities.