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Iran claims to have found ways to revive the 2015 nuclear deal in Vienna

Agencies | Tehran

The Daily Tribune –

Iran yesterday claimed to have reached a “new understanding” for reviving the nuclear deal abandoned by Washington three years ago. World powers “should soon start drafting a text outlining how they restore the accord,” Abbas Araghchi, Iran’s chief negotiator at nuclear talks in Vienna, said.

“A new understanding appears to be emerging, and there is a common ground between the parties on the ultimate goal,” Abbas Araqchi told state media. “But the path ahead is not an easy one, and there are some serious disagreements.”

“The drafting of the text can begin now, and the Iranian delegation has prepared and presented its text on the nuclear sphere and the lifting of sanctions,” Araghchi added. Earlier in the day, China’s envoy to the negotiations said they will continue and all remaining parts to the accord had agreed to accelerate work on issues, including which sanctions the United States would lift.

Too early

US President Joe Biden said Friday it was too early to know whether indirect talks underway with Iran would succeed.

Biden said the United States does “not think that it’s at all helpful” that Iran this week ramped up uranium enrichment, a move taken in response to sabotage on a nuclear facility believed to have been carried out by Israel. “We are nonetheless pleased that Iran has continued to agree to engage in discussions,” Biden said at a joint news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

The development also comes as Iran claims to have identified a man it wants to arrest in connection with a recent explosion and power outage at its main Natanz nuclear plant.

“Reza Karimi, the perpetrator of this sabotage... has been identified” by Iran’s intelligence ministry, state TV said. It said the suspect had fled Iran before last Sunday’s blast.

The television showed what it said was a photograph of the suspected perpetrator on a red card that had “Interpol Wanted” written on it. The card listed his age as 43.