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Medical centre for suspected corona cases inspected

Supreme Council for Health (SCH) President, Head of National Medical Team to prevent coronavirus Lieutenant-General Dr Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, and Health Minister Faeqa Al Saleh, visited Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo Community Medical Centre.

The visit came to check the centre’s readiness and the preparations taken to allocate it to isolate and receive suspected cases of the emerging coronavirus.They were briefed on the mechanism of receiving and transferring patients, and the preventive measures to prevent the transmission of infection were examined.

The medical team was directed to follow the therapeutic protocols and procedures to control the infection, and to apply them in a proper manner that ensures maintaining the safety and health of patients, noting that no infection has been recorded in Bahrain.

Consultant of Infectious Diseases Dr Jameela Al Salman, reviewed the ministry’s efforts in developing the general plan and medical protocols to combat the emerging coronavirus based on international guidelines, and the Gulf Health Council on keeping pace with global and regional precautionary measures.

She explained that according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the confirmed cases should be isolated, and the suspected cases are applied to the isolation until the laboratory results appear, and if the suspect is confirmed to be infected, the isolation is performed, and if the result is negative, the patient is given instructions to stay at home for 14 days.

Dr Al Salman highlighted that the organisation has published on its website all precautionary guidelines related to the disease and is publishing all updates on the spread of coronavirus.