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Patriotic wishes from Pakistan School

Pakistan Day is a very unique, remarkable and significant day for every Muslim in the subcontinent. March 23rd, every year, commemorates the adoption of Pakistan Resolution in 1940 at Lahore, which stands for social justice, religious conformity, economic coequality, legal protection, cultural tolerance, enlightened vision of future, elimination of ethnic and religious differences, and above all a patriotic enthusiasm to embrace the above ideals. On this Great Day, Pakistan School sends its best wishes to all our fellow compatriots in Bahrain.

Let’s salute and remember the sacrifices and sufferings of great many for this great accomplishment. We are happy to present an outline of Pakistan School, Bahrain on this blissful occasion. The incipiency of Pakistan School goes back to the later part of 1960s when the leading visionary members of the community realized the need for a schooling system for their children, leading to the establishment of a small primary school in 1968 in a rented building in Fariq Fadil area of Manama.

After a few years the school was upgraded to secondary level education following affiliation with the Federal Board, Islamabad, Pakistan. In 1984, the new campus of the Pakistan School was constructed in Isa town, which was inaugurated by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Premier. Two new blocks, Jinnah Block and Sir Sayed Block were constructed in Isa town Campus, between 1994-95. Today Pakistan school has two wings, Manama (Primary) and the main campus Isa Town. The school is imparting quality education to students from 22 different nationalities.

Besides Pakistanis, a huge number of Bahraini students are also on the roll of the school which is an indicator of the quality of education offered here and the trust shown by the Bahraini community in Pakistan School. Pakistan School has laid down a well-defined, effective, practicable and productive network of extra and co-curricular activities for the personality and the character building of the students. These activities are conducted on inter class, inter house and inter school levels. Pakistani students have been performing remarkably in the Bahrain national level sports, co curricular and cultural activities. In the last six years, the school has brought about tremendous and unprecedented progress in all spheres.

A lot of renovation and maintenance work, addition of huge infrastructure and modern facilities to the students, professional development programs for the faculty are a few to name here. Our school is the first Pakistani community school in Bahrain to introduce Arabic as a compulsory subject in the curriculum for all classes. An Islamic Center has been established in the school which has been functioning effectively to create a generation equipped with the right, authentic and profound knowledge of Islam. The Board of Management, the governing council of the school, comprised of an elected parent body has been contributing immensely to the progress and development of the school.

The sitting Board has covered many distinctive landmarks over the last six years in academic and administrative areas. Pakistan School’s Federal Board results have shown consistent and impressive improvement over the last 06 years. Last year as well, our students achieved success in the Federal Board examinations with flying colors and a huge number of students achieved A+ and A grades despite all the challenges of the pandemic situation. Pakistan School very adeptly and professionally tackled the pandemic situation right from the sudden and tragic outbreak of Covid-19 and ensured the uninterrupted impartment of quality education.

Following are some of the many arrangements made in this regard:

a) New PC’s for all the classes.

b) New Smart Interactive Projectors

c) Strong net work throughout the school

d) Ensuring strong and convenient communication channels for parents

e) Utilizing multiple online teaching platforms

f) Training all the teaching staff immediately and effectively

g) Providing 24/7 technical assistance to parents and students Pakistan School has earned a name of its own for participation in the national, cultural and social festivals to strengthen the bond of its deep love and affiliation with the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Students who excel in the Board Exams are awarded scholarships. The school spends thousands of Bahraini Dinars on these scholarships to encourage more students to try their best. The sole aim of Pakistan school is to create a new generation inculcating in them qualities needed to be visionaries to lead their country in the future.


From left to right side, Sadaf Arif, Shah Jahan (Vice-Chairman), Ahmed Asif, Sami ur Rahman (Chairman BOM), Muhammad Naseem and Qaiser Mahmood