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Instagram allows all users to share links to Stories via stickers

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Instagram finally decided to be kind and let everyone add links to their Stories.

This feature was earlier available only to verified accounts or those with more than 10,000 followers and the rest of them had to resort to the “link in bio” hack.

This prevented not just personal accounts but also small businesses or brands from sharing links to Stories.

The new feature is actually a link sticker and not the swipe up option that’s available on Instagram.

As the name suggests, it’s a sticker that you can place anywhere on your Stories and people who tap on it will be redirected to that particular site.

This feature can help small businesses or brands who may want to grow their presence on the platform and their products.

It can also help budding blogs and publications or even writers who want to share links to articles.

It will also aid Instagram’s push for affiliate shops.

The link sticker will work as an easy and inexpensive way for people to promote products or brands on Instagram.

Here’s how to use the link sticker on Instagram Stories.

Open Instagram and swipe right or tap the ‘+’ icon to upload a new story.

Decide what you want to upload to your story.


Then select the sticker icon from the top navigation bar.

Scroll down to see the “Link” sticker from the options available.

Add the link you want to the sticker and then tap done.


Place the sticker wherever you want on your story.

You can also tap on the sticker to choose different colours which can help the sticker stand out so people can identify it.

Instagram said it is working on ways to customise the sticker so it’s easier for people to recognise it and tap on it.

There are multiple ways of customising Instagram Stories so it’s really up to you how you work around the link stickers and make people tap on them.

The new feature just started rolling out so it may take some time to reach everyone.