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New Millennium School, DPS Bahrain student designs quiz app

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The Daily Tribune –

Nirvaan Modi, a Grade 5 student of New Millennium School, DPS Bahrain, has proved himself a technological genius by developing a quiz app based on the Harry Potter series of books, which has been published on the Google Play Store.

Designed as a part of a project submitted to Techjunior, the young mastermind Nirvaan, having completed an online course on Basic Coding Techniques, had solely conceived the idea of creating the online quiz on one of his most favourite novel series.

Appreciating the efforts, Principal Arun Kuumar Sharma said that the school is very proud of Nirvaan’s achievement and that the school has and shall always kindle and nourish the quest of the learners, directing them towards creativity and authenticity in learning thus ensuring innovative thinking.

Chairman Dr Ravi Pillai and Managing Director Geetha Pillai congratulated Nirvaan, his parents and mentors for this laudable achievement.