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“BRAVE CF 29’s horrifying leg injury was a good experience for me” says the Bahraini MMA star Hussain Ayyad

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Back at BRAVE CF 29, Hussain Ayyad went head-to-head with Matiss Zaharovs. It was a competitive matchup in every sense on paper, but early in the first round, things went horribly wrong for the young prospect. Ayyad threw a kick, and in the blink of an eye, his life changed forever.

Alas, instead of allowing this to be the defining moment of his career, Hussain fought back and made sure that wasn’t going to be the end of his story.

“The experience was good actually, in one way. I remember the moment it happened - I was following the game plan, and things were going exactly as I planned. I was throwing some kicks, and this was the last kick I should throw.”

“When I threw the kick, I just heard the sound of something breaking. I know there’s something broken but I didn’t know if it was from me, or him. In this moment, I feel everything become, like, slow motion.”

“Then I looked down, and I saw it was my leg. I didn’t step on it, I just went back a little bit, and he (Matiss Zaharovs) didn’t even know that’s what happened” added Ayyad. Ayyad, who is now 30 years old, remembers it like it was yesterday.

“I didn’t feel pain, to be honest. There was no pain.” He further added “I asked them to do the surgery the same night, because I was thinking that I would stop and do nothing for like six months, minimum. I said just do it, to make the time go faster.”

“After the surgery, here is when the pain starts, because they opened the knee and everything. But the pain was not in the same place as the injury. One time it was coming to my knee, and then to my leg, and my ankle. I stayed with this pain for around three weeks. I was not sleeping, I had two hours, maybe four hours maximum. After, when they removed the stitches, I just started training, and continued.”

Get ready BRAVE Nation, because Hussain Ayyad is as ready as he’s ever been to compete at the elite level - and he’ll do so as part of BRAVE International Combat Week next month.