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BIC set for back-to-back nights of drag racing, drifting and physical fitness fun

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Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) continues its wide array of exciting fan activities this week with the Ebrahim K Kanoo Drag and Drift Nights and Batelco Fitness on Track, taking place on successive evenings in Sakhir.

Both events are amongst the most popular of the public offerings at “The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East”, and they are set to attract participants of various interests.

The Ebrahim K Kanoo Drag and Drift Nights is scheduled to take place tonight from 6pm to 11pm and the Batelco Fitness on Track will be held Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm.

In the EK Kanoo Drag and Drift Nights, this high-octane activity gives speed enthusiasts the opportunity to take their very own cars or motorbikes and push them to their limits down BIC’s world-class quarter-mile drag strip, or put on an amazing display of power sliding along BIC’s vast vehicle dynamics area.

There is also the option for participants to enjoy both, making for twice the thrills in a single action-packed event.

Registration for those interested to take part can be done on site from 5pm. The BIC strip is highly regarded as one of the best in the world of drag racing.

It is a part of the prestigious Worldwide Network, under the banner of the US-based National Hot Rod Association (NHRA).

The vehicle dynamics area, meanwhile, features a specially configured layout for drifters.

It is surrounded by safety barriers, and it is one of the largest open tarmac areas in Bahrain, making for an ideal venue for drifting enthusiasts to showcase their skills within a secure environment.

In addition to the drag and drift, also available Monday night is the Dragster Experience, BIC’s most adrenaline-pumping passenger activity also known as “the Fastest Ride on Earth!” Fans will have a chance to get a taste of pure speed as they are taken from zero to 100kph in just one second while seated in a Top Dragster.

Meanwhile, the Batelco Fitness on Track offers a fun, physical experience, and is an ideal opportunity for the whole family to exercise either on foot or on a bicycle within the unique and world-class setting of the renowned Sakhir race track.

Tuesday’s Batelco Fitness on Track will be held under BIC’s bright, state-of-the-art floodlights, making for a stunning environment beneath the stars that is also safe and controlled.

The running and cycling will take place on separate track layouts. Runners and walkers will be utilising BIC’s 2.550-kilometre Inner Track, while cyclists will be able to ride their bikes along the 3.543-kilometre Outer Circuit, with another dedicated area for children’s cycling