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Saudi Arabia’s next billion-dollar sports move: A Saudi-managed Pro League

Hussain Almaskati

TDT | Manama

The Daily Tribune - www.newsofbahrain.com

Saudi Arabia, having already made its mark on professional golf and invested heavily in world football, is now setting its sights on the world of professional boxing. This ambitious plan aims to fuse the sport’s top fighters into a single, Saudi-managed pro league.

According to insiders, the proposal is nearing its final stages of approval. The initiative, which promises to transform the financial and organizational landscape of boxing, is backed by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) Saudi Arabia’s colossal sovereign wealth fund.

The PIF is in the midst of finalizing the allocation of the initial investment, which is expected to be as much as $2 billion. This substantial financial backing emphasizes the Kingdom’s commitment to revolutionizing the sport.

Bringing Together Boxing’s Elite

The plan envisions bringing together dozens of the world’s best boxers under one league. This move would not only centralize talent but also enhance the sport’s appeal and profitability on a global scale.

Saudi Arabia’s charge into boxing follows its successful, albeit controversial, takeover of professional golf. The Kingdom has poured also billions into football, making its stamp on the sport.

This new venture into boxing is a natural extension of their strategy to dominate various sports industries. Sources involved in the planning have requested anonymity, as the project has yet to receive final approval. These insiders confirm that discussions are ongoing and nearing conclusion, with the PIF poised to release the necessary funds once the green light is given.

If approved, this initiative could reshape professional boxing’s economic and structural framework. By centralizing top talent and leveraging substantial financial resources, Saudi Arabia aims to elevate the sport of boxing, attracting global attention and investment.