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Haneen Turkistany sketches her own path to success

When people attain a high level of creativity and are able to dive into their imaginations, they tend to create their own world and maybe their own creatures in their head. This is how a creative young Saudi artist defined her brand, Moshkhmt. The word “Moshkhmt” is Saudi slang meaning pencil scribble. As the name suggests, it is all about one’s power of imagination. It is all about one’s unique perception of the world and to express it through a simple sketch without uttering a word.

Haneen Turkistany, 24, the founder of the brand, explained: “Fear was the main motive for me to start and create the character Moshkhmt.” Turkistany used the Moshkhmt character to draw a full graphic novel that was exclusive to Comic Con Dubai 2018 and will be published soon in the Middle East. The brand offers products such as sketchbooks, notebooks, pins, stickers and wrapping sheets with creative signs and logos using the character Moshkhmt. It also focuses on the moon, stars and the outer space. All products are available at @crate.ksa.

Explaining the basic concept and aim of Moshkhmt, Turkistany said: “Moshkhmt is there in each one of us, young and old. It is there in our memories and dreams, our joy and pain. It could be a loved one or a target we aspire to achieve. Moshkhmt is not just a brand. It is a story in every heartbeat, and I can say that life is mainly my audience.’’ Such startups encourage the creative side of all talented Saudi youths, as they make them realize the ultimate goal in life is not just material well-being or to run after wealth. With the right attitude and using one’s talent in a positive manner, wealth and success follow.

This is what Turkistany believed in and launched her brand in July 2017. She is not only an artist but also an intellectual with a message to convey to the world. “All I wish for is that people should stop underestimating the power of their feelings (and ideas),” she said. Turkistany is working on getting her brand recognized for its main concept and plans to continue developing her sketches and character to achieve international recognition.

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