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A Gorgeous Ghabga at Jumeirah Gulf of Bahrain Resort & Spa - Eats and Treats by Tania Rebello

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The Saharat Tent is an ingenious extension of the Zahrat Al Fayrouz restaurant.

This year, the tent opens up into a marvellous display of local and international cuisine.

Fabric ceilings make up the tastefully designed tent with white and gold arches, furniture and table décor.

Magrebi mint tea poured out stylishly from an enormous golden teapot was quite a sight.


A wide range of entertainment including oud and tanoura performances, keeps diners entertained as they relish the vast array of gastronomic delights prepared by the expert culinary team.

Awaiting hungry diners is a colour ful variety of salads, hot mezza and cold mezza.

Hot main course features traditional Arabic dishes like chicken mandi and fish sayadiyeh as well as international classics like beef stroganoff, rosemary-roasted potatoes, and cauliflower and broccoli gratin.

Sushi enthusiasts can enjoy a decent variety of sushi.


Their grilling station is a big hit. Truthfully, I was surprised to see lobsters.

Guests were excited about grilled shrimps and lobsters, queuing up to get a plate of them.

The shell-on grilled shrimps were impressive so I decided to try a few and they were fresh, juicy and appetising.

The technique of cutting the shrimp shells along the back and grilling is the best way to grill shrimps as the spices get cooked , but do not burn.

Mean while, the shrimps stay juicy as the shell acts as a barrier to retain the moisture.

The lamb kebabs and shish tawook looked tasty too. The spice-laden aroma of the Indian delicacies won my heart.


I decided to try three dishes and they did not disappoint. Shrimp biryani was skilfully prepared with aromatic spices that captured my senses.

The biryani boasted a generous amount of plump marinated prawns amidst the tantalising gravy that enveloped the beautiful, fragrant grains of basmati rice.

Each morsel was a medley of delectable flavours. I liked the idea of serving hot and fresh bread at the table and relished the paneer makhani with hot naan.

Tender cubes of paneer aka cottage cheese along with the creamy gravy was coloured like a striking sunset with shades of deep orange from the combination of tomatoes and cream.

The spices in the gravy were ideal with a luscious, buttery mouthfeel.

The lamb rogan josh had a rich red gravy with complex flavours from the use of red chillies and a unique selection of spices that resulted in a mildly spiced, wellbalanced, fingerlicking bite.

A large ghouzi graced the buffet with chefs carving out chunks of juicy, glossy lamb meat.

Paired with spiced rice, it delivered an enriching experience.

The dessert counter lavishly decorated with large conical structures, studded with dates, presents a selection of artisan Arabic sweets like baklava, kunafa and umm Ali besides delicious international favourites like crème caramel, mango panna cotta, mahalabia and much more!


They also have live counters for fresh churros, crepes and ice creams.

The mango panna cotta was rich and creamy with a hint of vanilla that paired well with sweet yellow cubes of fresh and ripe mango.

Mahalabia with rose water was a refreshing dessert and I adored every spoonful of the creamy pudding.

The mesmerising counter for children includes gummies, meringues, lollipops as well as a special station for cotton candy.

Being a candy lover, I found myself heading there more than once to grab the gummies. I also ate some cotton candy to bring back childhood memories.

My action encountered the desiring gaze of adults around me.

The long drive back home from this magnificent resort was the most relaxing way to end ghabga night at Jumeirah Gulf of Bahrain.

Pricing info: Iftar and ghabga BD 28, special rates for kids, kids below 6 eat free. For bookings, contact +973 33663495