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Nass highlights AI challenges at Arab-German Economic Forum

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The Daily Tribune –

Sameer Nass, The President of the Union of Arab Chambers, Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber, stressed the need for embracing the latest technologies and scientific progress for the betterment of people and nations.

Speaking during the 26th Arab-German Economic Forum held in Berlin, Nass also shed light on the significant challenges posed by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and technological transformation to world and Arab countries, which could potentially disrupt numerous job markets and labour sectors.

The Forum has the participation of Arab and German diplomats, decision-makers and business owners. In his address, Nass further underlined the need for strengthened Arab economic cooperation, urging an increase in export volumes and investments.

He called for elevating Arab-German partnerships to new levels and emphasised the tremendous potential for collaboration and mutual growth between Arab and German entities. In addition, Nass highlighted the notable growth in Bahrain's exports to Germany, which amounted to 86.28 million dinars in 2022, a 43% increase from the previous year, with aluminium being the most prominent export commodity.

Khalid Najibi, the First Vice-Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber, stressed the significance of the 26th Arab-German Economic Forum as a platform for bringing together experts from both German and Arab backgrounds.

Najibi further highlighted the shifting dynamics of Arab-German economic relations in the post-pandemic era, showcasing a 23.3% surge in the volume of Arab-German trade exchange in 2022. He called for the initiation of new initiatives to strengthen these vital economic relations.

Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, the Chairman of the Sharjah Chamber, shared insights on the United Arab Emirates' success in developing robust infrastructure and implementing legislative reforms. The 26th Arab-German Economic Forum serves as a platform for fostering collaboration, exploring bilateral trade prospects, and establishing stronger ties between Arab and German economies.