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BTEA events boosts commercial and tourism activities in market

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The Daily Tribune –

Many merchants in the Manama Souq stated that the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority's (BTEA) recent events helped to support commercial movement and tourism in the market to a large extent, urging the Authority to continue to organize such events throughout the year to sustain economic activity in this market, which is one of the most famous and historical markets in the Arabian Gulf and the region.

The merchants expressed their willingness to support BTEA's efforts to implement a programme of continuous events in the Souq by participating in these events, such as festivals, carnivals, celebrations, shows, and tours, and offering discounts and rewarding prizes.

They also noted the importance of these events in supporting the tourism and economic sector in Bahrain, such as the “Manama Gold” festival in which about 180 gold shops participated.

For its one-month duration, the festival recorded total sales of more than $3.1 million), and included a weekly raffle draw for all visitors who shopped at any gold outlets in Souq Al Manama where 17 winners were announced including a grand prize of gold bars worth BD5000.

The festival also included various artistic performances and a digital museum in cooperation with the “Manama Story” initiative.

The merchants also highlighted other events, such as the traditional fashion show, which showcased gold as an authentic Bahraini heritage, which took place in Bab Al Bahrain Mall, as well as Gargaon event among other events.

The Manama Souq, according to BTEA Chief Executive Officer Dr Nasser Qaedi, is a significant feature of the tourism authority's busy event schedule programme throughout the year, as well as an important aspect of Bahrain's commercial, social, and cultural heritage, and a popular tourist attraction.

Dr Qaedi extended his thanks to all the parties and merchants who supported BTEA’s efforts to revive the Manama Souq and confirmed that the Authority is preparing for many initiatives to be held in the Manama Souq, including outdoor cinema, tours for visitors and tourists within the market, in addition to "Bahrain Design Week" during the second half of this year.

For his part, Mr Saleh Trada, chairman of the Capital Secretariat Council said, "We consider the BTEA's events programme in the Manama Souq to be an essential component of the project to develop this market, develop squares like Tawaweesh Square, and study the allocation of facilities like parking spaces and other services that meet the needs of visitors and tourists on one hand, and merchants on the other,"

The chairman of the national committee for the Manama Souq and owner of the Al Mahrous shop for family supplies pointed out the importance of the timing of the events carried out by the BTEA in the Manama Souq, which came after a difficult period in the market as a result of the Corona pandemic, stressing the improvement of sales.

"We also want the Manama Souq to be a key factor in the entertainment and tourism events held by BTEA throughout the year, as well as promoting the market outside Bahrain to attract tourists and visitors from GCC countries.

We believe that this is in the common interest of all, for us as merchants, for the market as a tourist heritage landmark, and for the Bahraini economy." Said Mr Al Mahrous.

The Vice-Chairman of the national committee for the Manama Souq, and owner of the Heritage Village Café in the market, Mr Mahmoud Al-Namliti, said: "This success has prompted us to request that the Tourism Authority organize more market-specific festivals, such as the Heritage Markets Festival, which will bring visitors and tourists to the markets like Twaweesh, Hadadeen, and textile markets, or the Folk Food Festival, which will feature shops such as Alo Bashir, Haji Café, Heritage Village Restaurant, and others.

Mr Al-Namliti stated that he hopes that these efforts will help to speed up the restoration of the Manama market to its rightful place at the forefront of tourist destinations in Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf, especially because it is one of the region's oldest commercial markets, with many buildings, and it is home to many Bahraini merchant families, and the centre of attraction for visitors and tourists from the Arabian Gulf, the region and the world.