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TRA issues first license to execute trust, e-signature services to BENEFIT company

TDT | Manama

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In light of supporting the digital transformation strategy in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority issued the first license to execute e-signature and trust services, to BENEFIT Company at the beginning of August.

On this occasion, TRA’s Director of Cyber Security & Technical Affairs Eng. Mohamed Alnoaimi said “Through licensing trust and e-signature services, TRA seeks to keep pace with the latest technologies and developments to carry out its tasks and perform its duties to achieve the strategy of the digital transformation. The e-signature service is the latest initiative of TRA in this field. The increased use of "e-signature" will help to enhance the efficiency of administrative work and the level of performance of government and private services by the rapid technological trends."

Alnoaimi stressed TRA’s commitment to assessing all systems and processes periodically to ensure their contribution to fulfilling the needs of residents while preserving all parties' rights. TRA also supports initiatives that promote the adoption of the latest developments and technologies that improve the high quality of service.

BENEFIT’s Assistant General Manager for Information Technology, Mr Riyadh Al-Maraj said, "We are pleased that BENEFIT Company is the first entity in the Kingdom of Bahrain to obtain a license for trust services and e-signature, after passing the standards and specifications for providing the service according to the regulations issued by TRA."

"BENEFIT has invested in establishing an advanced technical infrastructure according to the very best international practices to meet the requirements of this license, which we look forward to opening wide doors for many future applications," Al-Maraj added.

Trust and e-signature services come within the package of services as per the legislation and laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain following the provisions of Articles (20) and (21) of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Law. E-signature services allow conducting and signing transactions electronically and remotely and promoting and adopting e-signatures as a safe and reliable method when conducting transactions and services electronically.