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Celebrate Eid with Asgharali’s musk collection

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Asgharali, over the past decades, is making life fragrantly beautiful through continuous research and development of blending essences and oils.

Today, Asgharali introduces the newest and exclusive addition to its lineup, the ‘Musk Collection’, which almost took two years in the making.

It’s a collection piece made to match lifestyles, uniquely and traditionally and comes in an elegant and charming white box with 4 of 10 ml miniatures. The genuine traditional musk collection reflects the regional identity and brings esteemed value to the perfume collection.

Musk, in general, have always been overlooked, but on its own is a fragrance that is clean, subtle, earthy, and sensual. In this collection, Adham Musk comes scented with traditional musk and the other three variants - Azhar Musk, Safwa Musk and Musk Halekenriched with eastern musk’s blended with various floral scents.

Asgharali has been a competitive fragrance house with its signature of traditional Arabian, Oriental and Western perfumes.

The name has been the home of famous renowned perfumes. The brand is becoming known for its prestigious innovation in the beauty industry and other related business interests with over 100 retail and franchised outlets in the Middle East and South Asia and over 40 distributors worldwide in regions from Eastern Europe to South America.