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Skiplino provides mobile queueing solution free of charge

TDT | Manama

Skiplino announced offering its award-winning contactless mobile queue solution free-of-charge for six months to all government agencies, hospitals and medical centres in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Besides, Skiplino will be releasing a new Virtual Branch service to help organisations continue serving their customers, accepting forms and receiving payments without the need for physical presence by their customers.

The Virtual Branch service is expected to be offered to the public by early-April. Customers can book multiple services for free through the Skiplino mobile app seamlessly.

The application eliminates customers from waiting at the location as they can choose a specific time for the booking and are notified via the app which desk counter to go to when it’s their turn, which removes the need for touchscreens or printed papers.

Its multilingual queue system allows businesses to handle customer queues smartly and speedily. Skiplino CEO, Zaman AH. Zaman, said, “The set up only takes 5 minutes and just requires an internet connection.” The Skiplino app is available for free on both iOS and Android devices and includes multiple services from different providers.