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Arabian Delights at Amber Night

By Tania Rebello

As the sun fades into the horizon, the glittering string lights at La Med Restaurant, The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain, shine bright in preparation for Amber Night. The restaurant is transformed with DJ music and decorative elements to create the ambience for this special evening.

The strategically crafted dining experience emanates from the successful Ramadan tent menu that was a sensation among Bahrainis and the GCC neighbours. Diners can choose to sit indoors   oral fresco ; I chose the former. After a warm welcome, I sat facing the outdoor deck. Two golden flasks filled with gahwa and tea adorned the golden satin table spread.


Dinner is served buffet style, and grilled meats are prepared to order. The lavish spread comprises bold flavours from the Middle East and North African region, such as nutritious salads, cold and hot appetisers, a mouth-watering assortment of Middle Eastern specials such as lamb ouzi, grilled kingfish, koshari with all the accompaniments, lamb with okra, Moroccan specialities such as lamb with almonds and prunes along with couscous.

Carvery delicacies such as roast chicken, prime rib and grilled fish add variety to the offering. A selection of fresh juices and soft drinks are available to  complement   the meal.


After ordering grilled lamb chops, meat tikka, shish tawook and lamb kebabs, it was time to relish the delicious food at the buffet. The chef assured me that I would love t h e lamb ouzi and what’s not to love? A glance at the princely lamb that sat atop the golden, glossy rice was promising enough to try it.

Every morsel was pleasurable with the tender, fatty lamb paired with buttery grains of rice, pine nuts and sweetness from browned onions. Tomato sauce and cucumber raita cut through the fattiness of the dish.


Lamb shanks with almonds and prunes had a depth of flavour, and a second helping was indisputable.  The perfectly seared lamb shanks were slowcooked with luscious gravy, slivers of almonds, and plump prunes.

 The final bite of bone marrow won my heart. The grilled slices of well-seasoned kingfish coated in simple Arabic spices paired well with saffron mashed potatoes.

The fish was fresh, making the experience enjoyable. A slice of grilled salmon from the carvery counter was also a wholesome bite, along with silky garlic butter sauce.

The saffron mashed potato was rich,  smooth  and creamy with a beautiful hue of yellow and mild saffron flavour.


The beautiful aroma of charcoal grilled meat wafted into the air as the highly anticipated platter of grills arrived. The wait was worth it! The lamb chops were succulent, with the fat properly rendered, making them meltin-your-mouth juicy and tender. The star of the evening was undoubtedly these lamb chops.

Piping hot shish tawook was next, with a marinade that had a tomato flavour presumed to be from the use of tomato paste in the marinade. The seasoning was well balanced, and the chicken breast was mindfully cooked until just done, avoiding drying out the meat.


 This is appreciable. Lamb tikka was surprisingly tender and a little pink inside, which kept the meat juicy.

The lamb kebab had good quality minced lamb mixed with herbs and spices. After that delectable dinner, it was dessert time. There are many sweet masterpieces such as Bahraini halwa, luqaimat, pastries, cakes and Arabic sweets.

The limitation of belly space is real.

That did not halt me from devouring some of the tempting treats. The saffron milk cake is irresistible. It is served in mini portions topped with piped whipped cream and a tart raspberry. The temperature of the dessert was perfect.

It was chilled, with a lovely burst of saffron flavour along with creaminess from the whipped cream and tartness from the fruit. Furthermore, their halawet el jibn is a little bundle from heaven.

The clotted cream infused with orange blossom water wrapped with a soft and supple casing made from cheese and semolina is a dream!

Finally, a couple of luqaimats drizzled with date syrup and a cup of hot tea ended the evening with a sweet finish. Amber Night is a beautiful way to enjoy Thursday evening with delicious food in the company of family and friends. Visit the Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain to relish the flavours of the Arabian Peninsula. Contact 17586499 for more information.