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LuLu Exchange Honouring Customers on International Family Remittances Day

In celebration of International Family Remittances Day, LuLu Exchange,

one of the leading cross-border payments and remittance companies in
Bahrain took the opportunity to honour and appreciate our valued
customers who contribute to supporting their families across borders.
International Family Remittances Day, observed globally on June 16th,
recognises the influential role of remittances in enhancing the well-being
of families and communities worldwide.

At LuLu Exchange, we understand the profound impact of these financial
connections that bridge distances and strengthen familial bonds. To mark
this occasion, customers visiting our branches were warmly received and
honoured with tokens of appreciation as a gesture of gratitude for their
trust and loyalty.

Edison Fernandez, General Manager, LuLu Exchange Bahrain, expressed
his heartfelt appreciation, saying:"On this International Family
Remittances Day, we extend our sincere thanks to our customers who
have placed trust in us with their remittances, enabling us to be part of
their support network. Their commitment embodies the spirit of
connectivity and care, reflecting our shared values of family and

As a trusted partner in their financial journeys, we remain dedicated to
providing reliable and efficient remittance services that meet their needs.
LuLu Exchange's ongoing initiatives in Bahrain demonstrate our
commitment to enhancing financial inclusion and supporting community

About LuLu Exchange

LuLu Exchange is a leading global remittance and currency exchange
company headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Incepted in 2013, LuLu Exchange
Bahrain has become an integral part of the country and its people’s lives.
With 18 branches across the nation, LuLu Exchange makes currency
exchange and cross-border remittances much easier for people. For more
information about LuLu Exchange, please visit www.luluexchange.com