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Bahraini halwa icon Mohammed Al Gharib passes away

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A sombre dawn fell upon Bahraini Halwa enthusiasts with the passing of Mohammed Al Gharib, the respected director of Hussain Showaiter Halwa and a key figure in the traditional Bahraini Halwa industry.

Al Gharib, who died yesterday, leaves behind a legacy that has profoundly influenced the Halwa sector in Bahrain and beyond. Al Gharib’s passion for Halwa led him to leave his teaching career and join the Hussain Showaiter factory.

His tireless efforts transformed the factory, boosting productivity, enhancing product quality, and elevating the brand from local recognition to international fame.

Beyond production Al Gharib’s work in promoting Bahraini Halwa extended beyond mere production.

He initiated campaigns such as “Soghat (Souvenir) of Bahrain,” which proudly emblazoned Halwa boxes with a phrase synonymous with Bahraini hospitality and the Halwa mementoes visitors take home.

Reflecting on the unique qualities of Bahraini sweets, Al Gharib emphasised their reliance on high-quality imported ingredients like sugar, starch, rose water, cardamom, saffron, nuts, and corn oil.

This contrasts with Omani Halwa, which uses local ingredients and animal oils instead of corn oil.

Distinct taste The result is a distinct taste profile, with Bahraini sweets known for their light sweetness compared to the moderate sweetness of their Omani counterparts.

Al Gharib’s impact will continue to inspire future generations of Bahraini sweet makers.

His focus on quality, creativity, and cultural preservation has cemented Hussain Showaiter Sweets as a cornerstone of Bahrain’s culinary heritage.