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Eavesdropping on wife’s calls: Husband fined by top court

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The Cassation Court has upheld a lower court’s ruling, fining a husband BD50 for illegally recording his wife’s phone calls without her consent, causing her harm.

As per the case details, the Public Prosecution charged the husband with a misdemeanor in 2022 for secretly recording his wife’s phone calls without her permission.

The husband had placed listening devices in his wife’s bedroom and car, allowing him to eavesdrop on her conversations with their daughter and a friend.

Furthermore, the husband shared the recordings without his wife’s consent with her brother, playing a conversation she had with a friend.

He also exploited his daughter’s presence in the car on one occasion, recording her conversation with her mother and sending it to her aunts and uncles, causing her distress.

Criminal order Initially, the Public Prosecution issued a criminal order fining the husband BD20 and confiscating the seized devices used in the crime.

The husband objected to the order, and the Lower Criminal Court accepted his objection, dropping the criminal order and instead fining him BD50 for the offense and confiscating the seized devices.

Dissatisfied with the ruling, the husband appealed the decision.

The Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s judgment, prompting him to appeal again before the Cassation Court.

However, the Cassation Court rejected his appeal and upheld the previous ruling.