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Stranded Sudanese: Bahrain, Sudanese Embassy pledge to resolve migrants’ woes

Mohammed Darwish

TDT | Manama

The Daily Tribune – www.newsofbahrain.com

The Nationality, Passports, and Residence Affairs (NPRA) of the Kingdom of Bahrain issued a statement yesterday addressing the situation of Sudanese nationals stranded within the country.

This response follows numerous social media reports and videos alleging deception by certain groups. Denying any connection to scams, the NPRA has affirmed Bahrain’s welcoming stance towards all visitors and residents.

However, the department has acknowledged a delay in visa application processing as the primary cause of the current issue. Last Thursday, reports emerged regarding a group of Sudanese migrants who travelled from Port Sudan only to discover the absence of the promised visas and job opportunities.

These individuals, reportedly lured by the prospect of starting anew in Bahrain, claimed to have paid significant fees to agents in Sudan. Upon their arrival in Manama, they were confronted with a harsh reality: neither visas nor employment awaited them.

Standard procedures 

The NPRA has indicated that the affected individuals adhered to the standard procedures for visa applications through officially sanctioned offices. The department has conceded that the present situation stems from an unexpected backlog in processing these applications.

Initiatives are in progress as the NPRA works in conjunction with the Sudanese Embassy in Bahrain to accelerate the visa application procedure. 

Meanwhile, the Sudanese community in Bahrain has displayed exceptional unity, providing temporary accommodation and aid to the migrants. They are actively seeking a solution, engaging with various organisations for support.


The critical nature of the issue has led to appeals for action from the Sudanese authorities to avert further complications. The Sudanese community in Bahrain, already encumbered by the ongoing strife and crises in their native land, now confronts additional hurdles in addressing these residency matters.

Further developments are expected as the situation continues to unfold. The NPRA is striving to secure a timely resolution to this complex issue with the cooperation of relevant agencies.