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Bahrain joins global Family Day celebration with various activities

Mohammed Darwish

TDT | Manama

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Bahrain joined the global celebration of Family Day on 15 May.

It is a day that recognises, with due reverence, the indispensable role that the family unit plays in the crafting of a society that is both robust and harmonious. This day serves as a poignant reminder of the complex network of relationships that sustains our everyday existence, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural divides.

In Bahrain, the concept of family holds a sacrosanct place, deeply embedded in the social structure and values. Article 5 of the Constitution states, “The family is the cornerstone of society, deriving its strength from religion, morality, and patriotism.” Such a pronouncement highlights the imperative of supporting and nurturing the family, for it is upon this bedrock that a flourishing society is founded.

The Ministry of Social Development extols Bahrain’s laudable progress in the domain of social security.

Recognising their status as the primary unit of societal structure, families are given comprehensive care and development programmes by the Kingdom. These initiatives are predicated on the conviction that families when rooted in religious faith, ethical conduct, and profound love for one’s country, form the backbone of a nation’s prosperity.