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Stage set for ninth ‘Whisper of Hope’ Festival today

Mohammed Darwish

TDT | Manama

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Under the generous patronage of His Excellency Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Chairman of the National Council for Arts, the Bahrain Society for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) will launch its ninth ‘Whisper of Hope’ festival today.

Zakaria Al-Kadhem, the Secretary-General of the Bahrain Society for SCD Patients, expressed his gratitude for the support provided by His Excellency Shaikh Rashid Al Khalifa.

Al-Kadhem stated, “The generous patronage and attention given by His Excellency Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa is a testament to the efforts of the artists who have worked tirelessly to establish this festival through their remarkable artistic endeavours. It is a true expression of embracing and celebrating the exceptional talents of the Bahraini people.”

Furthermore, Al-Kadhem extended his appreciation to all those who have contributed to the ongoing success and growth of the festival over the years. Their dedication and contributions have been instrumental in making this event a cherished cultural celebration for the people of Bahrain.


The annual ‘Whisper of Hope’ festival is an exuberant celebration of artistry, melody, and cultural heritage. Its mission is to elevate awareness about SCD and extend a supportive hand to those affected by this condition. The festival will showcase an eclectic array of events, including art exhibitions, musical performances, and enlightening workshops.

This festival serves as a conduit for dialogue between patients and all concerned entities, including ministries and civil society organisations, to spread the festival’s uplifting messages of hope. Since its inception 15 years ago, in 2009, the festival has captivated a broad audience.