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Mosquito menace: Need national campaign, says Northern Municipal Council

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Members of the North Municipal Council yesterday unanimously approved a recommendation to the Ministry of Health for the launch of a national campaign to combat the spread of mosquitoes and eradicate them in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The proposal also entails the formation of volunteer teams, similar to the national campaign against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abdullah Ashoor, a council member representing the sixth constituency and the proposer of the initiative, emphasised that the issue of mosquitoes has become a concern for citizens and residents in the Kingdom.

He affirmed that the proposal was driven by several reasons, including the readiness and preparedness of all charitable organisations, private institutions, national entities, and clubs to engage in voluntary work.

National unity

“There is a significant number of Bahraini youth who are willing to be at the forefront and support the Bahraini community.

The participation of voluntary work contributes to strengthening national unity by enhancing the principles of cooperation and community partnership through the involvement of charitable organisations and private institutions in all regions of the Kingdom,” he stated.

The proposed national campaign aims to address the challenges posed by mosquitoes, which are not only a nuisance but also potential carriers of diseases.

The campaign will focus on various strategies, including public awareness programmes, effective mosquito control measures, and collaboration with relevant authorities and stakeholders.

By mobilizing volunteers and fostering community engagement, the campaign seeks to create a united front against mosquito infestation and ensure a healthier environment for all residents of Bahrain.

The recommendation from the North Municipal Council will now be forwarded to the Ministry of Health for further consideration and implementation.