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Bhavans Bahrain Indian School students achieve phenomenal result in CBSE exams

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The second batch of Grade12 Students of Bhavans- Bahrain Indian School (BIS) exhibited a spectacular performance in CBSE Board Examination 2023-24.

The results were announced by the CBSE yesterday. 79% students passed with distinction.

Results of Grade XII mark the beginning of choosing a career stream along with successful life ahead. Directors Himanshu Verma and Ritu Verma were extremely happy with the performance of the students.

They congratulated the students and thanked parents and teachers for their constant support and cooperation at every step.

Principal Saji Jacob congratulated the students and guided them to continue working hard and best wishes for their future.

School Toppers - Grade 12

Ist position – Manoj Subramaniam- 96.4 %

IInd position- Indraneil R Thekkepat – 93.8%

IIIrd position – Ridha Shefi- 91.8%

Subject Toppers - Grade 12

Maths Manoj Subramaniam- 98%

Chemistry Manoj Subramaniam- 98%

Biology Indraneil R Thekkepat-98%

English Parvathy Bibin- 98%

Psychology Nithya Susan Chaly- 98%

Physics Manoj Subramaniam- 97%

Computer Manoj Subramaniam- 96% Swastika Saraogi- 96%

School Toppers - Grade 10

Ist position – Darwina Manoj Amaranath and Shaun Prabhu- 97 %

IInd position- Ishaan Kedar Pande – 96.8%

IIIrd position – Anushka Jaydip Tayde and Daryl Shyju Mathew- 96.2%

Subject Toppers - Grade 10

Maths Standard-Darwina Manoj Amarnath, Ishaan Kedar Pande, Pranav Bobby Sekhar- 100%

French- Shaun Prabhu , Daryl Shyju Mathew- 100%

Science- Ishaan Kedar Pande- 99 %

Social Science- Darwina Manoj, Shaun Prabhu , Anushka Jaydip Tayde, Pritha Chauhan, Pranav Bobby Sekhar, Aseem Verma- 97%

English- Darwina Manoj Amarnath & Pritha Chauhan- 97%

Maths Basic- Sakshi Lal -96% Hindi- Ahmed Suhail Wani- 96%

Sanskrit- Amrutavarshinee Murugan- 95%