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Bahrain Works Minister Unveils Strategic Traffic Solution Blueprint

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Bahrain Works Minister His Excellency Ebrahim Al Hawaj has responded to concerns raised by Shura Council member Bassam Albinmohamed regarding traffic congestion in the Kingdom.

Al Hawaj outlined the ministry’s thorough strategy and financial commitment to tackle this significant issue. The ministry’s extensive traffic studies have informed a strategic road network blueprint, reflecting the present traffic milieu and forecasting future expansion.

These studies have catalysed pivotal road enhancements, to upgrade road conditions, streamlining traffic flow, curtailing travel durations, and augmenting the overall mobility of Bahrain’s citizens, residents, and visitors alike.

These enhancements are pivotal to the strategic objective of fortifying infrastructure, enticing foreign investment, and fostering economic proliferation.

Moreover, the ministry has initiated measures to alleviate congestion, drawing on insights from analytical reports.

A principal focus has been the augmentation of the capacity of key highways and junctions, including the erection of multi-tiered intersections to decongest traffic.

A salient project is the transformation of roundabouts in Manama, into intersections regulated by traffic signals.

This initiative, endorsed by traffic analyses, has bolstered the main road capacity by 40% and diminished waiting time at intersections by 30%.

The ministry has consummated projects that expand and refine the public road network to mitigate congestion. Chief among these is the enhancement of Al Fateh Highway — a critical undertaking — and the widening of Al Janabiya Highway to accommodate three lanes in each direction.

Not only has this expansion reduced travel time but also increased capacity and safety. The enlargement of the upper Aljasra intersection has effectively doubled traffic capacity, thereby easing congestion in the vicinity.

Dual carriageway

Continuing these efforts, the ministry has revamped the Raya Highway beyond its juncture with the Arad Highway, converting it into a dual carriageway to facilitate movement and access in parallel with the construction in progress to erect an overpass for left turns from Al Janabiya Highway towards Shaikh Isa bin Salman Highway.

This enhancement is projected to refine the Jasra intersection and boost its capacity to handle 57,000 vehicles daily, in harmony with the region’s latest urban developments.

These initiatives underscore the ministry’s unwavering commitment to combating traffic congestion through strategic foresight and infrastructural evolution.

In a further display of proactive planning, the ministry has embarked on a four-phase urgent solution endeavour, encompassing 48 projects designed to ease traffic congestion across various roads and intersections.

These projects are tailored to enhance the road network in tandem with ongoing development and the burgeoning number of vehicles.

The first phase included 12 projects, followed by 15 in the second, 10 in the third, and 11 in the fourth phase.

Intelligent solutions

Additionally, the ministry has deployed intelligent solutions to ease congestion, such as the Scoot adaptive traffic control system, which has achieved a 20% reduction in waiting times.

Smart parking meters have been installed on most commercial streets, significantly improving parking management.

Furthermore, the ministry has judiciously redirected certain roads to single-lane traffic based on statistical analyses, optimising traffic flow and diminishing congestion.

In conclusion, the ministry underscores that the investment in road expansion and maintenance projects has been substantial, with expenditures totalling BD20 million in 2018 and nearly BD33.7 million in 2023, reflecting a steadfast commitment to infrastructure and the well-being of Bahrain’s citizens.


H.E. Ebrahim Al Hawaj


MP Bassam Albinmohamed