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10 company officials fined BD1,000 for illegal fish export

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The Minor Criminal Court has convicted 10 officials from various companies for illegally exporting fish and marine wealth without proper approval and imposed fines totaling BD1,000 in accordance with legal provisions. This was announced by the Chief Prosecutor of Ministries and Public Entities.

The case stemmed from a report received by the Public Prosecution from the Anti-Corruption Crimes Department of the General Administration for Combating Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security. The report highlighted instances of companies exporting marine items without the necessary approvals. Subsequently, the Public Prosecution initiated investigations, gathering statements from relevant public officials and issuing directives to inventory export operations and related documents.

Upon scrutiny, it was found that the companies failed to meet the legal requirements stipulated in the decree law governing the fishing, exploitation, and protection of marine wealth.


Specifically, they had not obtained approvals from the Protection Department for developing fish stocks, as mandated by law. Consequently, the defendants were deemed responsible for conducting export operations in violation of legal provisions, leading to their referral to criminal trial.

In presenting its case before the judiciary, the Public Prosecution underscored the legislative intent behind Decree Law No. 20 of 2002, which aims to protect Bahrain’s marine wealth. The law prohibits the export of marine resources without approval, ensuring the preservation of marine biodiversity and fish stocks.