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Healthy Iftar food distribution at Riffa Labour Camp

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

To promote healthy eating, healthy living, and a happy labouring community, the Bangladesh Society, Bahrain, teamed up with Juffair Juniors, a moms and tots group based in Juffair, to introduce a groundbreaking healthy Iftar food distribution programme at a labour camp in Riffa.

Recognising the pressing health concerns among expatriates, the initiative aims to provide nutritious alternatives to the traditional, calorie-laden iftar meals consumed during Ramadan.

Alarmed by the rise in illness and fatalities within the expatriate community due to unhealthy dietary habits, the programme seeks to address these issues head-on.

The collaborative effort between Bangladesh Society and Juffair Juniors has resulted in a carefully curated, diverse menu for the program. The menu features a range of items designed to replenish essential nutrients after fasting, including a variety of fruits, chicken vegetable khichuri, Bahraini eggs, yoghurt drinks, and juices.

The selection not only aims to satisfy hunger but also actively promotes healthy lifestyles among the participants.

To further enhance the programme’s impact, a team of dedicated volunteers from Bangladesh Society and Juffair Juniors was present at the event, working tirelessly to ensure the smooth distribution of healthy Iftar meals. Additionally, physicians were on-site, actively raising awareness about maintaining good health during the holy month of Ramadan.