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Bahrain Celebrates Youth Day Today Empowering Dreams and Shaping Future

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Reported by Ashen Tharaka

As Bahrain marks its annual Youth Day today, the nation celebrates the vital role young people play in shaping the country’s future. This day serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of nurturing and supporting the next generation of leaders.

In celebration of Bahraini Youth Day, a day dedicated to recognising the achievements of young Bahrainis, The Daily Tribune spoke with several young individuals who are achieving remarkable things and shaping the Kingdom’s future.

Youth Diplomacy in action

One such young leader is Yasmeen Yusuf, the Bahrain Youth Ambassador. Yasmeen showcases the potential and dedication of Bahraini youth. Her journey began in 2019 when she represented Bahrain at the 28th session of the AFS Youth Assembly in New York.

This experience fueled her passion for international relations and global understanding. Continuing her growth, Yasmeen was part of a Bahraini delegation that visited the European Union’s headquarters in Brussels in 2022.

This exposure to the EU’s functions further enriched her knowledge and understanding of the global landscape. “Bahrain Youth Day showcases the inspiring achievements of the nation’s emerging leaders and youth have excelled in diverse arenas, from innovation and technology to entrepreneurship and social initiatives,” Yasmeen told The Daily Tribune.

Global Sand Artist

Zahra Alnasser, an aircraft and electrical engineer by day, transforms into a captivating sand artist. Her passion for sand art, ignited 15 years ago, has led her to showcase her talent on international stages like Expo 2020 Dubai, World Travel Market exhibition in London and she has also worked with global brands like Swarovski.

She has created a special technique to fix sand on LED panels and is currently working on a patent to create her own production line for the world’s first brand of sand art fix painting. “Sand art can be used in any kind of event,” Zahra explains, highlighting the adaptability of her art form.

“The storyboard keeps changing, making it truly engaging.” She showcases her talents in live shows at various events, including social and family gatherings, indoor venues, malls, airports, companies, care lounges, annual events, and children’s workshops.

Aspiring Film Director

Twenty-four-year-old Khalifa Alsherooqi dreams of becoming a film director. He sees Bahraini Youth Day as an opportunity for reflection and planning.

“Bahraini Youth Day is an opportunity for every young person to reflect on their achievements throughout the year and feel proud of what they have contributed to the name of our beloved kingdom.” he says.

“It’s also a time to plan for the future we will shape with our own hands.”

Future TV Presenter

Dareen Hussain Alansari aspires to become a TV presenter. She emphasizes the ambitious and creative spirit of Bahraini youth, fueled by a love for learning.

“The Kingdom provides tremendous support to young people by empowering them and highlighting their talents,” she shares. Dareen is particularly grateful for initiatives like Youth City and INJAZ Al Bahrain, which empower youth to become successful entrepreneurs.

Young Cricketers

Even the young Bahrainis showcased their talents in collaboration with the Bahrain Cricket Federation in sports. Standout cricketers Mohammad Adil Haq Nawaz and Abdullah Muhammad Yousaf impressed with their skills, bringing honor to the nation. Highlighting the support of dedicated administrators and coaches, Nawaz expressed his gratitude to the visionary leaders of the Kingdom of Bahrain for providing opportunities to learn the sport.

“The spirit of the game remains strong, fostering an inclusive environment for cricket enthusiasts of all backgrounds,” Nawaz said. The growth of cricket in Bahrain is evident through the establishment of leagues, academies, and tournaments.

These cater to players of various skill levels, reflecting more opportunities for Bahraini youth aspiring to play cricket.

A Motorsport Pioneer

The story of Faten Hasan Amin is a testament to Bahrain’s support for young women.

Faten, the first Bahraini woman to be recognized in the FIA Volunteers and Officials Award, is breaking barriers in the field of motorsports. She became the first-ever female Clerk of the Course, from the Kingdom for the FIA Formula 3 Championship, the official third rung on the motorsport ladder to F1.

“I want to inspire other young girls,” Faten states. “My passion for motorsport, along with the support I’ve received, drives me to reach my goals.”

Youth Pioneer Society

The Youth Pioneer Society emphasizes the importance of Bahraini Youth Day, which reflects the dedication of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and the government led by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, to empowering young people.

Ameera Mahmood, Founder & Managing Director of Positive Impact Consulting and Board Advisor of the Youth Pioneer Society, highlights the role of His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the King’s Representative for Humanitarian Works and Youth Affairs, in supporting youth development.

She encourages young people to contribute to the Kingdom’s growth and vision by working hard and giving back to the community. “I encourage young people to work, give, and give more in a way that enriches the community, preserves its high values, and contributes effectively to Bahrain Economic Vision 2050.”

With unwavering dedication and the support of initiatives like those mentioned, Bahrain’s young individuals are undoubtedly on a path to achieving even greater things and shaping a brighter future for the Kingdom.


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