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Bahrain MPs seek clarity on disability allowances and government policies

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Compiled by Safna Mujeeb

Bahrain has been the subject of numerous parliamentary inquiries by MPs, focusing on critical issues affecting the nation.

One such inquiry was directed by MP Mohamed Yousif Al Maarafi, who has asked the Social Development Minister Osama bin Ahmed Khalaf Al Asfoor about the state of disability support and policies in the country.

Al Maarafi seeks comprehensive data on the number of people with disabilities in Bahrain, their classifications, and the categories that have received disability allowances since January this year.

He also questions the criteria for eligibility, employment and integration programs, access to education and vocational training, and training programs for specialists in disability services.

Al Maarafi also seeks information on the plans and programmes for the care, rehabilitation, and employment of people with disabilities approved by the Supreme Committee and its meeting outcomes since January this year.

The inquiries extend beyond disability concerns, with MPs exploring the implications of the free trade agreement between Bahrain and the United States, taxi licenses, commercial records, and the disbursement of disability allowances.


H.E. Osama Al-Asfoor


MP Ahmed Qarata


MP Jalal Kadhem Hasan


MP Hasan Ebrahim Hasan


MP Mohamed Yousif Al Maarafi


MP Dr. Hesham Al-Asheeri