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Bahraini woman wins BD13,000 compensation for unjust dismissal

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Firing a Bahraini woman from her job without prior notification has landed a private training establishment in hot water, with the court ordering compensation of BD13,000.

The woman had approached the court seeking justice after being evicted just 40 days after the renewal of her contract, which offered a monthly salary of BD727.

The petition also accused the organization of non-payment of salaries and cancelling the contract without any valid reason. The woman’s lawyer argued that the organisation had renewed the contract appreciating her efforts but dismissed her without any valid reason.

In its ruling, the High Labour Court stated that dismissal of work without notification is a breach of law, and it was solely to end the tie without compensating the plaintiff. Therefore, the plaintiff deserves compensation for the remaining days of the contract and the unused vacation days, which amounted to BD13,000.

Court files say the woman received termination after the organisation renewed her contract praising for her excellence at job.

“However, to her surprise, she received a termination letter just 40 days into her new contract,” her lawyers told the court.

“The organisation did so without giving any valid reason,” the woman’s lawyer told the court. The High Labour Court ruled that the dismissal without notification was a breach of the law and ordered the establishment to compensate the woman for the remaining contract period and the unused vacation days.