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Bahrain Philharmonic Orchestra debuts today

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The highly-anticipated Bahrain International Music Festival kicks off today at the Bahrain National Theatre, bringing together acclaimed musicians of diverse cultures, genres and styles from the Arab world and beyond.

The opening ceremony will see the launch of the Bahrain Philharmonic Orchestra - the first orchestra in Bahrain, led by Maestro Mubarak Najem.

Its debut will feature Bahraini orchestral music, in addition to pieces that fuse international classical music with the magic of Arabic music.

The Bahrain Philharmonic Orchestra was established on 26 March 2022 by Bahraini musician Dr Mubarak Najem, General Director of the Bahrain Police Band and founder of the Bahrain Music Institute.

The orchestra currently includes more than 100 musicians and choirs. The festival will continue in the Cultural Hall until Friday from 8 pm onwards.

On Sunday, the Rabat Troupe for Instrumental Music will perform authentic Moroccan heritage music. Entry is free.

On Tuesday, Bahrain Music Band, conducted by Maestro Zeyad Zaiman, will perform a tribute to the late Mohammed Zowayed. On Wednesday, Ismaeel Dawas Band will perform the ancient folk lyrical heritage of the island to this day.

On Thursday, Taiko Ensemble “Wagaku*Miyabi” will give a performance of traditional Japanese drum performance. Finally, on Friday, Palestinian singer Noel Kharman will enthral the audience with a mix of Arabic and western music.


Rabat Troupe for Instrumental Music


Ismaeel Dawas Band


Palestinian singer Noel Kharman


Taiko Ensemble “Wagaku*Miyabi”


Bahrain Music Band