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Dust, sandstorm blind Bahrain for days

TDT | Manama

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Cleaning workers yesterday had a torrid time all over Bahrain as they toiled hard to remove tons of dust and sand accumulated on the highways in the aftermath of a severe sandstorm that blinded the Kingdom for days. Nearly 150 truckloads of dust and sand accumulated on the highways of Northern, Southern and Capital governorates were removed yesterday by municipal workers and emergency teams.

Lamia Al Fadala, the Director-General of the Northern Region Municipality, said workers removed 35 truckloads of dust and sand and 20 loads of agricultural waste from there.


The strong winds also fell 45 advertisement hoarding blocking traffic movements at several places. Over 150 workers, robotic brooms, bobcats, and other cleaning-equipments were in action throughout the day to bring back life into normality.


Al Fadala said the emergency teams worked relentlessly to remove sand accumulated on roads to make it safer for road users. “Emergency lines were also set to receive complaints and alerts from citizens and residents and also published those numbers on social media for quick response,” said the Director-General.

The scenes were almost the same in the Southern governorate, where emergency teams and other workers were busy clearing the dust and sand accumulated on roads and other places.


Separate teams worked to clear the sand on streets and remove fallen advertisement hoardings. Meanwhile, another team removed fallen trees and resolved other issues, even after official working hours. Workers removed 42 loads of sand, replanted 14 trees, removed seven trees and 13 advertisements damaged by the wind. Several automatic sweepers, mini bulldozers and trucks were also in action.


As we write this, cleaning works are continuing to make the roads motorable and safer. Capital municipality officials said they continue to remove truckloads of sand and dust accumulated from highways, streets, alleyways, and residential areas.

Emergency teams are in action in several areas of the Capital, with them working hard to make the roads safer for motorists. “The dust storm which swept the Kingdom almost for a week deposited tonnes of sand and other materials in the Capital,” said the municipal officials.


“As of now, we removed nearly 35 truckloads of sand, 20 loads of agricultural waste, 12 shipments of fallen advertisement boards and other wastes.”

“Works are continuing at various locations,” the officials said while also warning citizens and residents to remain alert. The municipality also called on citizens and residents to remain vigilant and cooperate with municipal workers during the cleaning operations. Citizens and residents, officials said, could contact them on the hotline number 80001855.