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Fees in private hospitals, clinics not regulated in Bahrain

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Bahrain does not have any legislation regulating the fee structure of dental services in hospitals and private clinics.

Health Minister Faeqa bint Saeed Al Saleh said the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) does not have a relevant set up to oversee private health institution with a unified price list for dental service. “The prices of services are determined by the interaction of supply and demand in the market,” the minister added.

The minister was replying to Shura Council member Ahmed Al-Haddad on a question related to dental services. The ministry also clarified that the Kingdom does not have any binding rules in this regard.

Al-Saleh indicated that as per Health Insurance Law, No. 23 of 2018, Bahraini nationals can access voluntary health insurance packages which cover 60% of the costs of private sector hospitals or facilities.

The law establishes the National Health Regulatory Authority and a dedicated health insurance fund in coordination with the Supreme Council of Health.

Citizens may obtain optional packages provided by the fund, subsidised by the state at a rate determined by the Council of Ministers. The government will pay for the cost of medical coverage for Bahraini nationals.

Individuals who choose to use private health services will pay up to 40% of the costs, and the government will subsidise the rest.

She added that private health institutions would offer competitive prices to participate in the health insurance system, according to market rules and limit harmful practices.