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Alba expects Line 6 completion in July

The Line 6 Expansion Project which will make Alba the world’s largest aluminium smelter is due for completion by July 2019. “We have officially reached 50 per cent in mid-April and our target to complete is July 31st,”

Alba’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Murray, told Tribune. Construction of the project is almost complete. The due date was revealed on the sidelines of the launch of Alba’s special summer Safety Campaign, in line with the CEO’s 2019 expectations, under the theme “Safety Gateway”.

“Safety is a never-ending journey in Alba. With Alba’s transformation with Line 6 Expansion Project, we must think differently and the only way to embrace the change is through belief.

Our Safety-tailored campaigns differ every season but communicate one message to employees and contractors– Safety first at all times,” added Murray.

The ‘Safety Gateway ’campaign will be held all week-long and feature presentations by the Executives and Safety visits to operational and non-operational departments. The campaign urges employees to maintain the highest level of safety and achieve zero heat stress incidents during the hot summer months.

“We launched the safety campaign 5 to 6 years ago and developed over the years. Our executive management has done a phenomenal job; it is pleasing to see the statistics and improvement in our safety record. We hope to see this improve in the years to come,” said Alba’s Chairman of Board of Directors, Shaikh Daij bin Salman bin Daij Al Khalifa.

“Safety is not one of our priorities, safety is our priority. We have hit the seven million time mark for LTI (Lost Time Injury), we are looking forward to 10 million and beyond. We always need to have a target, a target which is difficult to achieve but not impossible,” he added.

Alba’s Line 6 Expansion Project is one of the biggest brownfield developments in the Middle East Region. With a CAPEX of approximately US$ 3 billion, the Line 6 Expansion Project involves the construction of a sixth potline using EGA’s proprietary DX+ Ultra Technology, a 1,792 MW Power Station (Power Station 5) utilising the world’s first H-class General Electric (GE) 9HA Gas Turbine (GT) and other industrial services.

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