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Boost non-oil revenue call

A joint meeting held yesterday comprising members of the fiscal committees of the Representatives and Shura councils and the government to discuss the 2019–2020 general state budget draft law. The Minister of Finance and National Economy and Minister of Transportation Telecommunications, The Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning and the Minister of Electricity and Water were present. 

Head of Representatives’ Financial and Economic Committee, Ali Ishaqi, on the sidelines of the meeting, stated that the Representatives’ committee called for increasing the non-oil revenues to diversify the sources of revenues, consequently achieving Bahrain’s financial balance. 

He said the committee learned about the budget details and revenues of the Bahrain Holding Company, as it is a government investment company supportive to the national economy and it is a significant employer for national labor. 

Mr. Ishaqi said the committee focused on the operational and logistic plans and projects of the Ministry of Transpiration and Telecommunications, chiefly the Bahrain airport expansion project, the increase in air freight revenues, and the transit services of Bahrain International Airport.

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