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Fuel prices hiked in Bahrain

ManamaBahrain increased fuel prices yesterday, bringing them closer to international levels. The increased prices came into effect from 2:00 pm yesterday. 

Jayyid (91-octane) is now sold for 140fils/litre, up from 125fils/litre, while the Mumtaz (octane-95) is sold for 200fils/litre, up from 160fils/litre. Prices will, however, remain lowest in the world.

“We were given orders by the authority to raise the price of the fuel with the price of Jayyid now being sold 140fils/litre and Mumtaz being sold for 200fils/litre,” said Ali Yousif Ali, Owner of Hidd Fuelling Station. “There was a bit of chaos in the first few hours as the decision came so unannounced, but later the operation ran smoothly,” he said. 

“Fuel stations won’t get benefited by the decision as we get a fixed rate from the petroleum company,” he said, adding the petroleum companies will benefit from the decision.

Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) has instructed its personnel to temporary stop the operations at the fuel pumps while the systems are updated, a source said.

However, no official statement was available from the company and the operations were resumed as soon as the systems were updated. 

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