AMAISB presents achievement award
, Posted on 22-Jan-2018

AMAISB presents achievement award

AMA International School Bahrain (AMAISB), on the occasion of its 13th Founding Anniversary, presented the Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V Achievement Award. 

This award was given for the first time to students who emerged as the overall top performers in Grade 4 to Grade 11 for the School Year 2016-2017. 

Recipients were students who have showed excellent academic performance for the whole school year among all students in the grade level where he belonged. 

The Academic Top Performers are Layan Jawad Hasan Mansoor Al Ekri (Grade 4), Noor Mohammed Alrajhi (Grade 5), Jainaba Conteh (Grade 6), Abdullah Mohammed Alrajhi (Grade 7), Hanan Abdulameer Jaffar Radhi Abdulla (Grade 9), Hala Omar Hatam (Grade 10) and Jenan Abdulameer Jaffar Radhi Abdulla (Grade 11).

Chloe Keith David, the Editor-in-Chief of the school paper, Junior Dataline and Muhammad Umair Zahid, President of the Supreme Student Council, both serving for the School Year 2017-2018 were also entitled to this award. 

Chloe is endowed with talent and skill in news writing and reporting while Muhammad with leadership skills.  

AMAISB recognized the efforts of these academic achievers and student leaders by extending to them their deserved reward – the Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V Achievement Award.  

On the same occasion, the Editorial Board of the Junior Dataline and elected officers of the Supreme Student Council were inducted into office. 

The Supreme Student Council Officers are Muhammad Umair Zahid (President), Hussain Osama (Vice President), Maryam Al Qassab (Secretary), Fadhil Al Amri (Communication Officer), Sergen Kaptan (Documentation Officer), Ayah Mohamed, Hussain Osama and Ahmed Al Ansari (Cycle Representatives). 

The Editorial Board is composed of Chloe Keith David (Editor-in-Chief), Huda Nabeel Abbas (Associate Editor), Raihana Mahdi Busheri and Aysha Fareed (News Editors), Reema Abdulazais Gerashi and Hala Omar Hatam (Feature Editors), Mominah Sharif and Aljoori Mohammed Almohaisen (Literary Editors) and Mustafa Husain Mansoor and Abdulla Sakhnini (Sports Editors).

Wrapping up the celebration was the coronation of the Mr. and Ms. AMAISB. Candidates competed in different categories during the pre-pageant. The winners brought home trophy awards for Best in Talent, Best in Sports Wear, Best in Evening Wear, Best in Arabic Dress and Most Photogenic. The best answer in the Question and Answer Portion was the deciding factor in crowning the Mr. and Ms. AMAISB.