Citi Bahrain’s Call Centre NO:1 globally
, Posted on 14-Sep-2017

Citi Bahrain’s Call Centre NO:1 globally

Manama : Citi Bahrain’s call centre has been ranked as the best performing Citiphone site globally for the first four months of 2017. Citiphone Bahrain has topped Citi’s network of 25 sites across the globe, through which it serves customers in 40 countries. 

The ranking for Citiphone was based on Net Promoter Score (‘NPS’) and First Call Resolution (‘FCR’). NPS measures customer satisfaction and customer advocacy, while FCR measures the rate at which customer issues are resolved in the first call itself. 

Usman Ahmed, Head of Citi for Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar said: “We launched Citiphone Bahrain in July 2015 and aimed to become a ‘centre of excellence’ within 24 months.”

“We are extremely proud of our highly skilled, educated and bilingual workforce that has been critical to our achieving this objective.

145,000 calls a month

“We are also grateful for all the strong support that has been extended to Citiphone by the Central Bank of Bahrain and Tamkeen,” he added. 

Citiphone’s team handles approximately 145,000 calls a month from across the region. The Centre has more than 100 employees, of which 70% are Bahraini nationals. 

Backed by Tamkeen

Through Customised Employment Programme, Tamkeen supported Citi Bahrain to recruit and train young Bahraini university graduates to work in Citiphone. 

The Scheme offers employers with training fees and wage support to enable companies to fill their employment needs with qualified Bahrainis. To date, the Customized Employment Programs has enabled the recruitment and training of 8,000 Bahrainis in a variety of sectors.

Tamkeen’s Chief Executive, Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi said: “This is a great opportunity for the Bahraini market, and comes in line with Tamkeen’s objectives of supporting developmental sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain, including the banking sector, to offer the Bahraini market an added-value opportunity for economic growth. 

Around 80 Bahrainis have been recruited in Citi Bahrain’s call centre.